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02.06.12- 28.07.12
Opening - June 2 at 20.00 pm
National Gallery / 11, Rustaveli Avenue 

This year, the Tbilisi Photo Festival has decided to devote a large exhibition to photo-journalism from the Syrian uprising – an extremely unique endeavour, given the government’s almost total blackout on allowing media access. With thousands killed so far, the world needs to bear witness to this unfolding tragedy. From the besieged city of Homs, the Tbilisi Photo Festival is pleased to feature William Daniels (Panos Pictures), Paul Conroy, Alessio Romenzi, Mani and the late Rémi Ochlik who lost his life during the shelling of a media centre in Homs. Syria: Testimonials will also feature pictures never before seen taken by anonymous Syrians within the surrounded city itself.
A round table conversation will be held during this exhibition to bring together more testimonials – from Syrians who lived through the horrors of the government’s bombardment earlier this year to those of the writer and journalist, Jonathan Littell, Le Monde's special correspondent in Homs in early 2012.

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