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Notary Activities - can be conducted online, using Skype service (;  Skype ID - notariusta-palata1 or notariusta-palata2). It is indispensable that person receiving the specific warrant shows up at Notary and brings along two citizens of Georgia who will be serving as witnesses of this procedure. Passport – can be ...
2011-04-07 12:04:03
  Law Office for Migrants offers distant legal assistance to Georgian emigrants. The organization can assist emigrants with making official request for documents issued in Georgia. As well as helping with translation, legalization and certification of documents. It can also help with legal protection of property located in Georgia.Law Office for ...
2011-04-07 11:04:32
'GREEN GARD' Lottery Participation in Lottery. Participation Procedures. Instruction. Final Results. ...
2011-04-07 02:04:00
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