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Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini held a meeting with the Chairs of Students Self-Governance Bodies of the world leading universities. Minister introduced them the current reforms implemented in Georgian education system. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs.

35 successful students who study at the universities of Estonia, Holland, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, the USA, Italy, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Romania, Croatia, Armenia, Lithuania and Belgium participate in Tbilisi International Students’ Self- government Bodies Forum.  The main goal of the forum is to deepen the relations among the youth and develop the joint projects.

The forum was opened on June 1 at Tbilisi State University and it will continue for 5 days.  The heads of Georgian students self- government bodies also take part in the forum.

In the meeting, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini introduced the students the current policy developments in general, higher education as well as the reforms implemented to enhance a quality of education. Minister also talked about the future strategic plans for 2011-2015 years.


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