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On May 22, 2011 a concert dedicated to the new Georgian St. Nino Orthodox Church and Georgian Center (operating at the church) Opening will be held in NYC.


Performing on the main stage:


Comedy Show: Aleksandre Malkhazishvili, Nikoloz Arabidze, Amiran Chokharadze, Vasil Pkhakadze, Nikoloz Grigolia, Giorgi Aptsiauri, Mikheil Andguladze, Otar Lomtadze, Vakhtang Bichikashvili


Composer and singer Zurab Managadze

Composer and singer Tamriko Davitashvili


Georgian Representatives of Julliard: Beka Gochiashvili, Mariam Machaidze, Davit Aladasvili


Tickets can be purchased at the Millennium Theatre ticket office, by phone, or though the website.


Phone: 718-615-1500


For further information please call: 917-516-6674


Ticket prices according to the seats:


Orchestra left, center, right AA - $100.00


Orchestra left a, center a, right A - $75.00


Orchestra left b, center b, right b - $70.00


Orchestra left c, center c, right c - $65.00


Orchestra left d, center d, right d - $65.00


Lodge e - $60.00


Lodge f - $60.00


Lower balcony G - $50.00


Lower balcony h - $50.00


Upper balcony G - $45.00

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