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Caucasus Internet Media Group and the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues signed an agreement obligating Caucasus Internet Media Group to prepare online topics concerning Georgians who live abroad.


According to Giorgi Kapanadze, general director of Caucasus Internet Media Group, in the second half of January representatives of Georgian Diaspora and journalists will prepare online videos for from approximately 25 countries.


“The Program aims to include Georgian Diaspora in preparing topics for the website which will demonstrate their lifestyle and activities. Video materials will be sent from world’s 25 countries, Caucasus Internet Media Group is responsible for editing and uploading these videos on the website. Hopefully, soon after, we will be able to show the videos on TV stations as well,”- said Kapanadze.  

“The program will help Georgians living abroad to communicate and share their experience. There are people who produce some products that lack the awareness. I have been doing some activities for 20 years and 80 per cent of these activities are unknown for Georgian people. The situation is same with others as well, therefore I only encourage this program,”- mentions Lasha Oniani.



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